Art Deco dining table of Austro-Hungarian origin veneered in walnut and extensible restored with a shellac pad. 170 x 90 x h 79 cm aperto 190 x 90 h 78 cm. Age 1930 – 1940.

Important French Art Deco game table with movable shelf inlaid with images of dice, cards and various games. It has four drawers at the corners and the shelf is covered with a green cloth. It is composed of various woods including rosewood, maple, birch and walnut, and has a brass paving at its base. 80 x 90 x h 79 cm. Age 1930.

Bauhaus opening table in perfectly restored beech with shellac. 65 x 100 h 79 open 65 x 120 x h 79 cm. Age 1939 – 40.