Art Deco armchair in solid beech perfectly restored with a shellac pad, upholstered with a cream-colored washable microfibre fabric. The finishes are embellished with a stud. 72 x 85 x h 110 cm. Age 1930 – 40.

Original Austro-Hungarian armchair in curved solid beech, equipped with a mechanism that allows it to stretch out on the front, restored with a dark ebony colored shellac pad and upholstered with a thick gray velvet fabric. 65 x 80 x h 80 cm. Age 1930 – 40.

Art Deco armchair of Austro-Hungarian origin with oak paving both on the side panels and in the backrest, perfectly restored with a shellac pad and upholstered with a light hazel colored cotton. 68 x 72 x h 75 cm. Age 1930 – 40.

talian 70s armchair in solid mahogany equipped with a tilting mechanism. Completely restored with a shellac, it was upholstered with a thick pearl-colored cotton fabric. 62 x 70 x h 78 cm.


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